One of the top title insurance companies in the United States realized an increase in market share from 32 to 41.25 percent and a $9-million-per-year increase in profit.

We can help you realize a 10-to-1 return on your investment with us. Here's how...

The Process 
Through a process whose value has been proven over three decades in thousands of companies worldwide, we can guarantee you an increase in productivity. Our highly refined process uses tools, integrated structures and evolutionary systems to let our clients create and sustain a "continuous improvement" dynamic, to achieve both personal and corporate goals.

Leadership Dynamics facilitates training modules for individual, managerial and executive levels. Through our unique process, you can learn to: 
  • Set goals
  • Identify critical business factors
  • Develop the behaviors necessary to achieve breakthrough levels of productivity and success
All of this is achieved with minimal but highly effective "slight edge" changes in current habits and thinking. 
The 10 to 1 ROI System  

The Leadership Dynamics 10-to-1 ROI System ™ has four component structures which, when integrated, provide exponential increases in success and growth: 

  • The Success Mapping Process ™ 
  • The Strategic Implementation Process ™ 
  • The Results Sustaining Process ™ 
  • The Quantum Leap Breakthrough Process ™ 

Initially, we focus on developing the skills of the senior management team whose leadership, commitment and role-modeling are crucial to obtaining optimum results from this system. 

Step 1 
The Success Mapping Process ™ begins with an Organizational Needs Inventory (ONI). This assessment instrument is designed to give senior managers valuable insights into the team members' perceptions of organizational culture, structure and leadership style. Anonymity of participants ensures completeness and integrity of the data. 

Once the ONI is complete, we recommend a 2-day executive retreat for the senior management team to formulate and validate the team's shared vision, mission and values. Here, the team assesses organizational strengths, opportunities to be captured, dangers to be eliminated, and sets goals, both long-term and short-term, for our partnership. The retreat is extremely important in forming a unified leadership force committed to a shared vision, mission, values and goals.

Step 2 
The Strategic Implementation Process ™ is initiated through one of nine customized programs designed to further develop team members at all levels, and drive the implementation of their predetermined shared goals and strategic initiatives. These programs are carried out over a 2 to 6-month period, based on the particular program content and the availability and time commitment of participants. 

This step also includes an Executive Profile Seminar to facilitate communication at all organizational levels, based on the development of an understanding of personality types and communication styles. Since communication of goals and commitment is key to success motivation, this step is particularly vital and foundational. 

The individual participant's goals established in this segment are tied into the highest-priority corporate goals and strategic initiatives identified through the Success Mapping Process ™. 

Step 3 
The Results Sustaining Process ™ is designed to build in accountability and to sustain the process. Quarterly Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Conferences assess progress toward long-term and short-term goals, as well as provide a forum to update both team and personal goals. Program tools are reviewed and timely topics nurture the development of a learning organizational culture each quarter. This step also includes three and nine-month refresher conferences for participants in the specific customized programs that your organization utilizes. 

Step 4 
The Quantum Leap Breakthrough Process ™ is an ongoing process in which the chief executive officer is enrolled in our 3-year Eagle Squadron ™ Program. This elite group consists of senior executives and professionals committed to maintaining a lifelong focus on progress. Participants find here a confidential forum in which to brainstorm solutions to challenges in business, personal and family life. The Eagle Squadron ™ functions as an informal board of directors, made up of peers who can understand your issues and whose energy and example help motivate you. 

This step may also include development of a Shared Revenue System design based on the Critical Success Factors of your business. These factors will be defined and measurement systems will be developed to identify the positive behavioral changes that produce maximum, measurable returns on your investment of time, energy and money. The powerful motivation of a Shared Revenue System, along with quantifiable results, creates an entrepreneurial spirit and incentive in each team member.

The LDI 10 to 1 ROI System 

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