It gets lonely at the top and typically the busy executive is without a peer support system for idea generation and problem resolution. The Eagle Squadron provides empathetic support and accountability to a prestigious group that sustains a continuous learning dynamic and adheres to exceptional standards of performance. By tapping into the power of your creativity and imagination you will master a process for evolving personally and professionally to a higher level. 

Each quarterly conference will be a time for participants to reflect on progress, celebrate success, and plan for future personal and professional growth.

It will help you:
  • Achieve greater success and fulfillment through the realization of worthwhile, predetermined goals
  • Achieve the balance, happiness and true success that you desire by committing yourself to quarterly reflection and planning
  • Lock in time to measure progress towards goals, evaluate direction, and adjust course towards the future you choose to design
  • Enjoy the benefits of self-discovery and crystallization of values and goals

Each quarterly conference will also:
  • Provide an ongoing, continuous learning dynamic through discussions on business topics and books
  • Provide a system and process for evolving your business 
  • Create a forum for thinking outside of the box and tapping into creative potential
  • Give you the opportunity to step off the wheel and think 
  • Help you to develop action steps and solutions to issues that are draining your energy and confidence
This confidential forum is designed to enhance knowledge, wisdom and insight on every level and offers a life-transforming opportunity for individuals to do what they say they want to do. Members also have the opportunity to create a personal leadership development and self-mastery plan through participation in our Effective Personal Leadership Program. This unique program will provide you with the tools to create a plan and path to become the person and leader that you really want to be.
Participation in the Eagle Squadron is by invitation only. If you believe that a personal commitment to continuous learning and improvement are essential to realizing your full potential as a leader, we look forward to an opportunity to speak with you and mutually assess whether or not the Eagle Squadron is right for you. 

Investment – Year One - $7,000; Year two - $5,500; Year Three - $5,500
The Eagle Squadron

The Eagle Squadron is a confidential forum of qualified business leaders who form an accomplished brain trust.  This group of like minded individuals deals with challenges and formulates effective solutions to issues facing the contemporary executive. This elite group of senior executives, business owners and professionals meets quarterly and is committed to maintaining a life long focus on progress towards their long and short-term goals.  Participants become part of an innovative ‘mastermind’ which brainstorms solutions to challenges in their business, personal and family life.

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“The Eagle Squadron is a vehicle for continuously ‘Sharpening the Saw.’  It is a forum for personal growth, valuable insight, sharing and developing meaningful personal relationships.  Each quarterly session provides the opportunity for exposure to new ideas and concepts, insightful feedback and time for reflection.”

-Bill McConaghy – Owner / President of Advanced Signing, Inc.

“The Eagle Squadron has helped me become a more confident person and leader.  I have developed meaningful friendships with a diverse group of confidants.  I always take away practical tools to apply to my business.  I have gained reassurance that other business owners have similar challenges and issues.  The experience has helped me to recognize that I am a ‘one percenter’ and that feels good.”

Debbie Lefebvre – Owner / President of DL Services, Inc.

“The Eagle Squadron is the only time that I get away from my business to think about business.  The quarterly meetings allow me to reflect on the ‘Wheel of Life’ and my progress over the last 90 days and the year.  I get re-energized to attack business opportunities again.”
Paul DiGeronimo – President / CEO of Geronimo Properties, Inc.