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Leadership Dynamics, Inc. provides unique tools proven to increase productivity and maximize potential.To order LDI productivity tools call Leadership Dynamics directly at 978-779-6445, Monday to Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM., or e-mail
My-Tyme® Products 

To order My-Tyme supplies, please call LMI directly at 1-800-876-2389. 
Starter and Renewal Sets (Please specify starting month when ordering) 

Starter Sets: 

  • Personal, MU12 

Renewal Filler Sets: 

  • Personal, MR32 
  • Personal, MR31 (Without Storage Binder) 

7-Ring Binders 
Padded Vinyl Binders:  
  • Personal, MB220010 Black 
  • Personal, MB220011 Burgundy 

Deluxe Vinyl Binders:  

  • Personal, MB220004 Black
  • Personal, MB220005 Burgundy 

Prima Vinyl Binders with Zipper:  

  • Personal MB220006 Black
  • Personal MB220007 Burgundy 

Full Grain Leather Binders with Zipper  

  • Personal, MB220008 Black 
  • Personal, MB220009 Burgundy 

Full Grain Leather Binders with Zipper and Handles 

  • Personal, MB220088 Black 
  • Personal, MB220089 Burgundy 

Extra Forms  

  • Affirmation / Visualization Sheet, Personal (Qty 12) MX500015 

  • Auto and General Expense Summary Form, Personal (Qty 12) MX500014 

  • A-Z Phone Directory, Personal, MA200010 

  • A-Z Tickler File, Personal MA60011 

  • Blank Paper, Personal (Qty 50) MX500031

  • Conference Planner, Personal (Qty 50) MX500033

  • Communication Plan, Personal (Qty 50) MX500019 

  • Delegation Plan, Personal (Qty 50) MX500021 

  • Dream List, Personal (Qty 12) MX500009 

  • Expense Envelopes, Personal (Qty 12) MX500013 

  • Future Planning Section , Personal, MX560027 

  • Goal Planning Sheet, Personal (Qty 50) MX500010 

  • Goal Reminder Forms, Personal, MGDE0032

  • Goal Tracking Graph, Personal (Qty 50) MX500035 

  • Index Pages, Personal (Qty 12) MX500008 

  • Master List of Goals, Personal (Qty 12) MX500037 

  • Meeting Planner, Personal (Qty 50) MX500023 

  • New Prospects / Clients, (Qty 50) MX500025 

  • Notes, Journal Pages, Personal (Qty 100) MX500016 

  • One to Thirty-One Day Tracking Sheets, Personal (Qty 12) MX500012

  • Phone Directory Filler Pages, Personal (Qty 50) MX500029 

  • Tabs, Multi-Colored, Personal MS400021 

  • Tabs, Numbered, 1-12, Personal MA600012 

  • Three Year Generic Future Planner, (3 years) MX500027 

  • Time Picture. Personal (Qty 50) MX500018 

  • Vision, Values, Goals, Personal (Qty 12) MX500036 

Pocket Planners and Wallets 

  • Pocket Planner Starter Set and Renewal, MP12 (Please indicate starting month when ordering) 

  • Vinyl Wallet. Gray Only MTW20213 

  • Bonded Leather Wallet, Black MPB20111, Burgundy MPB20113 

Tyme Management Newsletter,  TP12MTH 


  • Storage Binder, Personal MB220001 (Burgundy only) 

  • Calendar Dayfinder. Personal MTA42001 

  • 7-Hole Paper Punch. Personal MA600000 

  • Acrylic Desk Stand, 

Smoked top of stand - MA400001 

Smoked bottom of stand - MA400002 

Clear top of stand - MA400003 

Clear bottom of stand - MA400004 

  • Pens 

Chrome 4-way - MA600008 

Black 3-way - MA600009 

Pen Refils - MA600013 
  • Engraved Initial Plate, MTA49999 (Please indicate initials when ordering.) 

  • Disk Holders 

Personal 5 1/4 MA600004 

Personal 3 1/2 MA600005 

  • Business Card Holder, Personal MA600003 

  • Sheet Protectors, Personal MA600010 

  • Zip Lock Pouch,  MA600002 

  • Write E-Z,  Personal (Black) MA600020 

  • Plastic Book Punch  

Personal (Black) MA600025 

Personal (Black) MA110025 

  • Goal Cards - Seven-day goal cards reinforce the habits that build your success. 25/Pack, $3.00 
  • 3 Year Plan of Action - Our Three-Year Plan of Action provides a framework for strategic planning. 5/Pack, $20.00 
  • 90 Day Planner/Thought Grabber - LDI's unique 90-Day Planner/ Thought Grabber bridges the gap between your long term goals and monthly planning. 10/Pack, $25.00 
  • Task Coordinator 15/Pack, $12.00 
  • Weekly Planner 15/Pack, $12.00 - Our Weekly Planner helps effectively organize your monthly goals into weekly priorities. 

"Productivity is the wellspring of success."

-Paul J. Meyer
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