The Plan and Path 
To maximize your strengths, capture your greatest opportunities and eliminate your most urgent dangers, we propose the LDI 10-to-1 ROI ™ System. It utilizes four strategic processes to: 1) Professionally assess personal and organizational needs; 2) Clarify and implement strategic goals and initiatives; 3) Sustain results; and 4) Maintain a continuous improvement dynamic. 

What We Bring to the Relationship 
Our process has allowed thousands of business leaders from a variety of industries to increase confidence, motivation and performance at every level of their organization. LDI brings together a diverse brain trust of professional associates with hundreds of years of experience which will help you simplify the complexity of your business. We will help your team tap into your imagination to increase your self-sufficiency and confidence to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, through our unique process... 

Our Unique Process 
The LDI 10-to-1 ROI TM System was created to provide our clients with a unique and reproducible system for success. It supplies a process for mastering the success behaviors of proactive goal setting and personal management, and the creation of a personal and organizational continuous improvement dynamic. 

The Specific Tools 
We provide a wide range of tools designed to simplify the complexity of all aspects of business. These tools include templates that systemize various tasks and functions such as delegation, goal setting, decision-making and problem solving. Our tools provide a unique way of simplifying processes of all kinds. They supply a universal and common language that increases interdependence, teamwork and productivity. 

Integrative Structures 
We offer four unique, integrated structures named "The Success Mapping Process ™", "The Strategic Implementation Process ™", "The Results Sustaining Process ™" and "The Quantum Leap Breakthrough Process ™". These structures provide a simple step-by-step process which allows our clients to transfer success theory into practical "how to" knowledge. The system simplifies complexity, builds teamwork, creates self-sufficiency, confidence and motivation to achieve shared goals and break through to new levels of success. 

Evolutionary System 
We are a continuous-learning organization. Through executive retreats, personal and organizational plans of action, strategic planning / goal setting conferences and the elite Eagle Squadron ™, we form long-term partnerships that help clients to think outside the box and continuously evolve to higher levels of growth and success.

Guaranteed Results
We are enthusiastic about providing you with the opportunity to test the value of our process through a personalized showcase featuring our 100-percent money-back guarantee. Please contact us with any questions or interest you may have in learning more details about the showcase program.

We look forward to becoming your organizational development partner and working with you to break through to your next quantum leap of success. 

Our Unique Value Proposition:

Maximizing Strengths - We help successful people and companies identify their strengths and capitalize on them, moving them to the next level of success... 
Capturing Opportunities - We help our clients 
identify their greatest opportunities and develop strategies to capture them.

Overcoming Obstacles -  We help our clients identify their most urgent dangers and develop a strategy to overcome these potential barriers.

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