At Leadership Dynamics Inc., we help you achieve your biggest and most fulfilling goals through our unique Business Accelerator System. This system allows individuals and companies to turn their visions into reality by:

  • Discovering your company's and employees' potential
  • Creating a winning business strategy
  • Effectively executing your clearly defined goals 
  • Compounding your results

Whether you choose to enroll in any of LDI's five featured courses or begin a private coaching relationship, the Business Accelerator System will be at the foundation of the value added, learning, and coaching you receive.

At LDI, we are committed to delivering a minimum of 3 to 1 return on investment to our clients through increases in revenue and profits, reductions in operating expenses, and improvement in quality and services.


LDI's Business Accelerator System

Our Business Accelerator System provides leaders with a powerful, duplicable business operating system for integrating and executing the critical organizational functions of identification of needs, strategic planning, people development, and the multiplication and sustaining of measurable business results.

Identification of Needs

Insight always precedes change. Our process begins with identification of a company's needs. We begin by increasing leaders' awareness of the current reality in their organizational capacity, abilities, potential, and results. Too often the information and communication that reaches leaders is filtered, politicized, late, or just not accurate.

The degree of leaders' organizational awareness is a critical factor in identifying performance gaps, developing innovative strategies, and implementing positive change.


Strategic Planning Process

Planning and strategy create the logic path to unusual success. Organizations led by a specific plan and strategy significantly out-perform less well-managed organizations of equal capabilities. Simply stated, planning and strategizing are not optional when it comes to achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our strategic planning sessions, business analysis tools, and planning process allow our clients to effectively implement the discipline of planning and make it cultural.

When strategic planning becomes cultural, every member of your organization becomes connected to the business plan and strategy through meaningful individual, organizational, and departmental goals that produce commitment to improved performance results and shared success.


Developmental Process

Personal and organizational development is intended to be a continuous process and not an event.

Locked within the ingrained attitudes, behaviors, and habits of your people are vast reserves of potential - potential that can lead you to a new level of achievement.

How much more revenue and profit could you produce by tapping into an additional 10% of your organization's own potential? You have already paid for this untapped potential through the salaries and wages you pay your people. Why not develop and use it? Unlocking potential -  as measured by tangible business results - should be the primary purpose of any training or development.


Results Management Process

Performance that is measured is performance that improves. Effective organizations consistently measure specific results related to the key performance indicators tied directly to the bottom line. Without measurement there is no accountability and without accountability results are mediocre, at best.

Our results management process provides clients with tools and processes for multiplying and sustaining measurable performance results. Through our courses, private coaching, and quarterly strategic planning sessions, you and your company will create the time and space to focus on fine-tuning your goals, brainstorming solutions to challenges, and creating processes for successful goal implementation.